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What is a Web Host?
Web Hosts store websites on specially customised computers called Web Servers, that are permanently connected to the Internet via a ultra high-speed connection.
Using a Website Host with a reliable Web server has proven to be more cost effective, and provides more security and protection for most small to medium organisations, than running your own web server. It can also provide the technical expertise that many businesses need. This is why many businesses choose a professional Web Hosting Provider such as us, to look after their Website hosting requirements.

Outsourcing web hosting makes sense for the same reason as outsourcing any other service, it reduces hassle. It allows you to concentrate on your core business rather than re-train or upskill on technical issues associated with web hosting.

If you were to run a web-server yourself, you would need a Fast Computer, High-speed Internet Access, Technical Knowledge of Server Software and Operating Systems, Regular Maintenance, Performance Monitoring and Security Protection from hackers.
Outsourcing your web hosting reduces your risk and is ‘scalable’ – meaning you can buy more web hosting capacity as needed, as your company grows.

As New Zealanders, we are among the world leaders in being Internet ready, with 2 million New Zealanders who are regular Internet users. More than 50% of all households in New Zealand also have internet access. This means your current and future customers could be looking for your website right now!.

Website hosting means you can:

- Be open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week
reach and serve customers in New Zealand and around the world

- Beat the competition

- Grow... New Zealand businesses with websites grew 100% in 2000

- Serve your local customers so they don’t look overseas. In 2000 65% of New Zealand online sales were to overseas companies

- Provide information such as a company overview; product specifications or photos; a map showing your shop locations and parking; sound or video clips on your people, company or your products; and industry news

- Sell online - New Zealanders purchased $324 million over the Internet in 2000.
Whatever your business, you can use a website to provide a better service and so grow your customer base.


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