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*** Switching your website to us, from another provider.
Switching to a new host should be a very smooth process, and following the steps below, should allow for an uninterrupted transfer. These steps are applicable to any provider that you are switching your web hosting to.

1. The first step is to choose and then to sign up to your new Web Hosting Plan, by going to our 'Join Us' page. You can find our joining page, by going to our hosting web sites homepage, and clicking on the 'Join Us' button.

2. Once you have done that, and you have received your new hosting account details from us, you will now have two hosting accounts, one with your old provider, and one with us.

At this stage you will now need to upload your entire web site from your old host, to our servers. This can be done by connecting to your old providers FTP server and downloading all the web site files off their server. (You may already have your web sites files stored on your personal computer, so you can skip this step.) Then once you have got a current copy of your web site, you can then connect to our FTP server and upload all your web site files to it.

If you are using databases, you will also need to copy these from your old provider, and then set them up on the new server.

To allow uninterrupted email delivery, you will now also need to setup your email accounts that are currently setup with your old provider,and set these up in the new control panel on our servers. Failure to do this, may mean that once your domain has switched over to our servers, your email may not be able to find it´s delivery address, and your email may end up bouncing back to the sender until the email accounts are setup.

3. Once you have uploaded your web site onto the new server, and setup your email, you are now ready to modify your domain names DNS Settings (Domain Name Server Settings). You would have been provided with your Nameserver settings by us, in the ´Account Information´ Email we sent you. These will be in a similar format to those below.



To modify your DNS, you will need to visit your Domain Registrars website (eg. the company that you purchased the domain name from) to make the changes. If you purchased your domain name from your old web site host, they may request that you transfer your domain name to another provider in order to make the changes to the DNS, which you may need to do before you are able to modify your domains DNS. If your domain is a .NZ (New Zealand) domain, then you will need to ask them to provide you with your domains UDAI code, to allow you to transfer your domain to another provider.
If you have a .NZ (New Zealand) Domain, you can transfer your domain name to us, and we will handle your future domain renewals. You can transfer your domain to us by using your UDAI code, by visiting our Domain Manager by clicking here.

If you need help with modifying your domains DNS we can help you modify these, if you provide us with the login details and the web site of the registrar for your domain name.

4. Once your DNS modifications have been made with the Registry, you will need to wait between 6-48 hours (maybe longer) before your site will load off our servers. This waiting period is called Domain Propagation, and during this period your DNS is propagating all over the internet. During the propagation period your web site and email will either be loading from your old web host, or from our servers. The time that the Domain Propagation takes is beyond our control.

During the ´Domain Propagation Period´, you should have both your old email accounts, and your new email accounts setup in your email client software (eg Outlook). This is because during this period, your email may get split between your old and new host. You however should not lose any email, as it will be received by either one of the servers.

If your web site has a database that you have also transferred, and this is constantly being written to, we recommend that you temporarily pause the databases during the Domain Propagation to prevent database corruption.

After about 48 hours your web site and email should now only be loading off our servers.

5. Once your web site and email has fully switched over to our servers, it is now safe for you to contact your old web site host, and ask them to cancel your web site hosting account with them.

Important Information When Transferring Your Web Hosting From An ISP:
If you are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your existing Web Hosting, then it is very important that you let them know that you are switching your web hosting to another provider. Your ISP is the company that you connect to the Internet with (either by dial up or broadband), and some of the more popular ISP´s that also provide web hosting are XTRA(Telecom), iHug, Orcon, & Telstra Clear.

If you are transferring your web site from an ISP, you will need to contact them,and request that they remove the "DNS zone record" for your domain name from their network. If this is not done, then your ISP will still have the DNS zone record for your domain name in their system. This means that when you (or anyone else) connects to the internet via this ISP, and tries to visit your web site, or tries to collect your domain based email, it will not work. However if you connect via another ISP on another network, it will work. This is because your ISP network still thinks the domain is hosted with them, so is not able to find the web site or email on the new server. Therefore it is very important that you do ask them to specifically "remove your DNS zone record".

If your ISP is XTRA (Telecom), it is especially important that you contact them to both "remove your DNS zone record" and to cancel your hosting account. From our experience, they can Xtra take a number of days to process any removal. Unfortunately because of this delay with XTRA, it is possible that you may experience some downtime during the web site and email transfer.


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