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GENERAL: Spam and Virus Emails - Information...
Recently there has been an explosion of spamming and virus sending on the internet. Did you know that more than 80% of all emails sent on the internet are now spam or junk email!
Most of these types of email originate from the USA, Asian and European countries, where there are few restrictions on the sending of these types of unsolicited emails.

There a lot of information available on the internet on how to protect yourself against spam and viruses. This website is also a good starting point for information http://www.spamhaus.org/.
You may find that some spam/virus email appear to be sent from your own domain name, however this is just because spammers are using your email address which they got off your website using email harvesting software that scans the internet looking for valid email addresses. They then put common addresses in from of the @, such as info, admin etc, as these are what many domain owners use as email addresses. Once spammers have got a valid email address, it then allows them to send spam using your email address to other users, as the email address is unlikely to get blocked due to it being a valid email address. If this is happening to you, we recommend that you remove the ‘catchall‘ email address (the one that allows you to receive all emails from any address using your domain such as ...@yourdomainname.co.nz), and only set up specific email addresses that you actually use, eg. yourname@yourdomainname.co.nz. We also recommend that you modify your email address to something that would be difficult to guess (eg. Your first and last name before the @ symbol). This is incase a spamming computer is using a 'dictionary' to automatically fill in common email address names before the domain extension.

Please note that we don‘t have any control over who sends you email. Therefore please don‘t report the spam emails to us. If you are wanting to report spam, you will need to report it to the ISP that it is being ‘sent‘ from, which you can get from the full header of the email. As spam is now such a huge issue, don‘t expect a reply or response from the ISP as they are unlikely to have the resources to deal with it.

Another thing we need to highlight, is if you have a website that uses formmail or any other automated scripts, you are required to keep your scripts up to date with the latest and most secure versions of the script. Spammers can hack unsecured scripts and use them to send spam through the server.

As an internet user, you have a responsibility to keep your computer safe and secure with Internet security software, including Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Firewall, and Antispyware software. Most importantly you must update this software regularly by downloading the software updates from the software developers website. If you are running the Microsofts Windows operating system, you must also make sure that you have downloaded the latest patches. An unprotected computer risks getting a virus that will actually automatically send out spam and virus emails, or worse!

Users who use the cPanel hosting control panel can setup server spam filtering, which is called ‘Spam Assassin‘ in the mail section of the control panel, which can either ‘tag‘ identified spam, or shift it to another folder, however this should not be used as a replacement for you own internet security software on your own computer.
Users of our Corporate and Business hosting plans can setup server spam filtering within their control panel in the mailboxes section. Users of our other hosting plans that don't have a control panel, will need to install your own Antispam software on your computers or upgrade to our higher hosting plans. For antispam software links, click here...

If you are forwarding your email to a third party email address, then you should check if your provider provides server spam filtering that you are able to enable.

Please note that no internet security software is 100% effective, and spammers are always working out ways to beat the Anti-Spam software, so sometimes spam email will still get through. To locate internet security software , just enter internet security into your Internet search engine.

Some of the more popular ones are Nortons, PCCillin, and McAfee. For antispam software links, click here...


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