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How do I pay my Web Hosting account?
The easiest and preferred way to pay your hosting account, is to setup monthly automatic payments. When you join us via our hosting website, we will send you our account details allowing you to set this up.
However you can also pay by cheque but we require that payments are made quarterly instead of monthly, with three months payment in advance. Please make your cheques out to Design Lounge Ltd. Please note that there is a time delay with sending cheques through the mail, so it could be up to a week before your account is processed.

Important: Our billing cycle begins on the first of the month, and finishes at the end of the month. Therefore if you join within a specific billing cycle, a pro-rata (percentage of the month) payment is required, plus the monthly fee for the next whole month. Confused? Don't worry, we will work all this out for you.

To pay one off fees such as domain name registration, you can either send us a cheque, or direct credit the amount into our bank account, and send us a brief email to inform us that you done this.

If you have any billing related queries, please contact us via our email form.

Please note: If you make a payment into our bank account with no reference identifying that the amount came from you, we will not be able to credit the amount to your account, until you inform us of the deposit. Please always make sure that ALL direct credits and deposits include a reference (your domain name), to allow us to match the amount with your account. We are not responsible for suspended or cancelled hosting accounts, when we are not able to match your payment with your hosting account, and no refunds will be provided if no reference is used with your payment.

Bank Account and Payment details can be found on this page by clicking here.

Please be sure to contact us to let us know that you have made payment.


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