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[CPANEL] How do I use the tools in CPanel to manage the spam I receive.

 CPanel comes with a lot of free tools to help manage spam emails. These are listed below.


SpamAssassin is an automated mail filter that uses a wide range of heuristic algorithms on mail headers and message body text to identify "SPAM" (unsolicited email). This software is capable of eliminating more than 98% of all SPAM messages. Its performance depends on the individual configuration, which can be tuned by each website owner. Once identified, the mail is tagged as "SPAM" for later filtering using the user's desktop mail client.
To configure your SpamAssassin, please click on the SpamAssassin icon on the main screen of your cPanel interface.


BoxTrapper Spam Trap is a tool that can help reduce spam significantly. Someone emails you, if they're not on your white list then they must reply to a message they receive after emailing you. After replying they are put on a white list so they don't have to respond every time they send you a message to validate the email. Basically you give them the big OK that the sender is a person and not a virus or spammer - they usually never respond so this cuts down spam a lot.

Filter Your Mail Automatically - Cpanel E-mail Filtering

Cpanel also has the ability to use Mail Filters - a nice little addon that will examine all your messages, sort them, do the action you tell it ad delivery you the results. This is an excellent method and often unused tool that can save you hours and hours of browsing spam. For example the Sober viruses sends out a series of messages that all have common subjects, you can completely delete anything that meets those exact subjects, preventing your inbox building up with spam and protecting you from viruses.

Login to your Cpanel, click on Mail, E-mail Filtering, at the bottom top click  Add Filter.
In the Filter section you have two drop downs, the first is what you are filtering.
Subject, From, To, Body, Any Header, SpamAssasin Spam Header.

The next drop down is how you are filtering it.
contains, equals, matches regex, and begins with.

The input box is the filter. Enter the text you want to filter here.

For example, if you keep getting spam messages with the same subject and you want to filter them. The spam messages have the subject line: Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical

You would create a filter as follows:

What? Subject
How? Equals
Filter? Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical
Destination? Discard

This now automatically deletes any messages that you receive with the subject: Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical so they never even get to your inbox.

Once you've added a filter you can test it, enter a message that you think you want to filter in the test window, with subject, from address and body to make sure the filter works the way you want.

WARNING - setting up filters incorrectly can result in mail never received and the sender will never know. If you setup filters incorrectly then valid email can be deleted as well so be careful.


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