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My web designer wants me to switch to their hosting services, should I?
Clients should be wary of web designers that require you to switch your web hosting to their own servers, and you need to ask them why they have this requirement. As our web hosting is compatible with almost all types of websites, including both linux and windows software languages, there is usually no reason why our hosting services can't continue to be used with any web designer of your choice.

We also usually recommend that clients host their website independently of their web designer. This is mainly because many web designers not having the support resources and experience to support their clients for hosting and email related issues. Also if your web designer ever goes out of business or moves on, this could mean your website also disappears without warning. We have seen this happen in the past, and often when that happens, the website is lost forever! We have seen this happen before, and usually there is no option but for them to have their website rebuilt from scratch.
There is far less of a risk of this happening when using an independent hosting provider, as two different independent companies would have copies of your website files. So even if your web designer did disappear, we would still have your website files on our servers. Also often web designers buy cheap inferior reseller web hosting services, where your website could end up being on a single server with thousands, if not tens of thousands of other websites, negatively affecting it's performance and speed. They also may not have the features we offer. For example we provide all our clients with a full featured hosting control panel, as well as POP, IMAP,SMTP & Webmail for email. Business websites should always be hosted on Premium Quality hosting, such as the premium hosting plans we offer.

Some web designers use proprietary CMS content management systems which they don't allow to be hosted on other companies servers. People should be wary of using these types of web designers, as it means that you don't own the backend of the website, meaning that you are effectively leasing the website. So if you do need to move it to another provider in the future, it will usually mean rebuilding the entire website again with the new provider. We recommend asking your web designer to design your website on an opensource CMS. Our hosting supports mosts CMS including most open source ones, and open source CMS's can usually be easily moved between different hosting providers, without rebuilding the website.

We regard our Premium Quality Web Hosting services, as being some of the best in the New Zealand hosting industry. Our premium hosting plans can offer superior reliability, stability and performance over most other provider. We have also been providing Premium Quality Web Hosting to the NZ market since 2001, making us one of NZ's longest serving hosting providers.

If you do still want to move your web hosting elsewhere, we do require clients fill in our hosting cancellation form. Information can be found at http://www.knowledgebase.loungenetwork.co.nz/index.php?op=view&t=97


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