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05. HOW TO: How do I manage or reduce my diskspace usage on the server?
No matter how much diskspace you have in your hosting account, at some stage you are likely to run low, or run out of email storage space. When you run out of diskspace on our CPanel plans, any emails sent to your email account will bounce back to the sender, with a message to say that the email delivery has failed due to you being over your quota. Therefore it is highly recommended that clients regularly check their email usage, and regularly download their emails off the server for local archiving.

IMAP Users

If you use IMAP, your email software should allow you to easily move old emails off the server, by either of the following methods. This is a very generic process clients will be using a wide range of different email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail etc)

1. Order emails by date, Highlight (shift+ctrl + end) all emails older then certain date and either delete or drag and drop in a folder - this brings emails off the server onto their local machine

2. Use archiving options within the email client under advance options where you can specify : Archive all emails older than x months etc

This automatically archives emails as they pass the x month mark where x is some number you have selected based on the volume of email you get per month.

POP Users

If you are using POP for your email, you can easily set your email client to delete emails off the remote server as they are downloaded, or after a few days. This wonít however delete any emails you have stored while using webmail, or any spam in your spam folder. So you should still log into webmail to see if there are any emailing still in your email account.

Webmail Users

If you use webmail, you can delete emails from your inbox, sent mail, and any other folders you have setup, directly from inside your webmail interface. However deleting emails this way only moves them into your trash folder in webmail . So you will also need to go into your webmail trash folder to permentely delete those emails. We also recommend going into your spam folder and deleting any emails from it, as overtime this folder will fill up with spam. You should also regularly check this folder to make sure that there arenít any legitimate emails you have missed, which have incorrectly been delivered into this folder.

We recommend always making sure that the amount of email storage space that you have allocated yourself when you initially setup your email account, does not exceed your total hosting diskspace. If it does, and if you do end up exceeding your total hosting quota, then CPanel may shutdown all services associated with your hosting account. This includes your website and email services. The system will do this to prevent data corruption, as the hosting account will not have any diskspace to write to. If this happens you may need to contact us to temporarily raise your diskspace quota while you clear your diskspace, as you may not be able to delete emails if the quota is exceeded. Alternatively you may wish to upgrade to a larger hosting plan which is better suited to your higher diskspace requirements.

Our hosting servers are not designed to be used for permanent email storage in the cloud, as they are primarily designed as website hosting servers, so they have limited diskspace. If you are looking for an email service that allows permanent email storage in the cloud, we would recommend using Googles Gmail email service for this. You can easily point or redirect your email services to Googles service from inside your CPanel control panel. Google have huge specialist email servers solely for email, and in general it is very reliable. Although with everything, we would still recommend have your own local backup of your emails and files, just in case.


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