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What is the difference between Account 'Suspension', and 'Termination'?

Account Suspension:

A hosting account will enter temporary suspension mode when an issue occurs with a hosting account. Suspension may occur when you are over your allocated storage or bandwidth limits for your account, or you are breaching one or more of our terms of service. For example, you haven’t made payment by the due date, the account may enter suspension mode, and then once it has been paid, the account will be unsuspended and fully operational again.

When a hosting account is put into temporary suspend mode, most services associated with that account will cease operating as they normally would. This means that website and email access to the server will temporarily cease working until the issue that is resolved. Once the issue has been resolved, the account will be unsuspended. As suspended hosting accounts are still using server resources, (eg. hosted website and email files are still using server storage space) all suspended hosting accounts continue to be charged as normal while they are in this temporary suspension status.

Account Termination:

A hosting account contract will be terminated when either party (either us or the client) terminates the hosting contract. If Hosting clients no longer require their hosting account, they are required to fill in our hosting cancellation form, in order to terminate the hosting contract from their end. http://www.web.loungenetwork.co.nz/hostingcancellation.php

Hosting account termination is permanent, and once it takes place all files, resources and settings (including website files, emails, database files, domain settings etc) will be permanently deleted from the servers. Once deleted a hosting account cannot be restored.  Although we can reset up a blank new hosting account, there will be a charge for this service.

The only way to stop being billed for your hosting account, is to terminate the web hosting contract by following our cancellation process at http://www.web.loungenetwork.co.nz/hostingcancellation.php . Any charges you have incurred up until the scheduled date of cancellation / termination will need to be paid.

Our Process:

Our normal process is to first suspend a hosting account if there is an issue with it, and the client will be contacted when this occurs. For example if a client fails to make payment on time. Exceeding your diskspace or traffic allocation may result in the suspension occurring automatically by the server, and the client may or may not receive a warning depending on how their notifications are setup, or how quickly the resources are used up. However clients can monitor their usage from inside their control panel.
In most cases the account will be unsuspended once the issue has been resolved, e.g. paying the account, or purchasing more server resources for your account, or resolving any issue with the account. However if the issue is not resolved, and the account remains in suspend mode, after a period of time we may then write to the customer, to say that we will now be terminating their account. Any charges you have incurred up until the scheduled date of cancellation / termination will need to be paid.

In extreme cases, we may write to the client to terminate the hosting account immediately. This will occur if their hosting account is causing problems for other clients on the server, they are abusing the network, we are ceasing to provide a particular service, or for some other unforeseen reason. No refund of any pro rata hosting fees will be made if this occurs, unless we are unable to provide a service for some reason.


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