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*** Quick-Start Guide to Getting a Website Online
Basically the steps to getting a web site up and running are very simple, and we will guide you through all the steps:

(1) Choose a Domain Name.

Your domain name (eg. www.yourdomain.co.nz) will cost you a small amount every year - this is to keep the domain in your name, and prevent anyone else from registering it. The domain registration fee that you pay for your domain name goes to the domain registrar, and is effectively like a licensing fee, providing you with a license to use a particular domain, for the period you have paid for.

Start your domain search by clicking here...You can also register and pay for your domain name online now, in Real-Time using your credit card.

We strongly recommend that you secure your domain name as soon as possible, to prevent domain speculators registering the domain, and then trying to sell it back to you at an inflated price. You will also be given the opportunity to register your domain name when you join one of your hosting plans in step 2 below. Please note that the domain registration/renewal fee is NOT covered by your Web Hosting fee. You are now able to register and pay for your domain name for up to 10 years in advance!

(2) Sign up to one of our hosting plans through our Joining Page.

Website hosting in simple terms, is the place your store your website where it can then be viewed by anyone on the internet, and you pay us a monthly web hosting fee for this service. For more information on what website hosting is, please click here.
You will NOT need to change your ISP if you host your web site with Lounge Network. Your ISP stands for (Internet Service Provider) and is only the company that you connect to the internet with.

On the Joining Page, you'll be asked for relevant details, including the domain name you want to use with the plan. Within a short time of completing the signup form, you'll be sent an email explaining what you will need to do next, including payment details.

Your hosting space will be setup shortly afterwards, and details of it will be sent to you, with your full account setting allowing you to setup your web site and email with your hosting account. It's very important that you keep this email, and print it off of future reference.

Upon receiving payment for your Website Hosting and Domain Registration, your domain will be registered. Though your domain will be registered almost immediately after payment, 'propagation' means that your site may not be visible for between 6-48 hours. Basically, this occurs because the internet is a big place and it takes time for all parts to become aware that a new site has been added. If you can see the Lounge Network, 'page not found' when you type in your domain name into your internet browser, then your web hosting space is all ready to go, and you can then upload your web site!If you only want to register a domain name through us, but don't require a hosting account at this stage, you can register a domain through our 'Domain Manager' by clicking here.

If you are ready to sign up for web hosting and a domain name, please click the Join Us button on our hosting web site!

(3) Design yourself a web site, or get one designed for you.

Software for designing a web site is readily available from your local computer store, or by downloading it over the internet. Such software includes Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, to name but a few. There are also free and low cost web design tools available, which can be found by clicking here. If you want to leave the design of your web site to the professionals, we can help you in getting a professional looking web site up and running. Getting a designer to produce you a web site can be very cost effective, especially with the cost of web design software being in the thousands. You can enquire about getting a web site designed by clicking here.

(4) Upload your web site onto the server.

This is usually done via your standalone FTP software, or your web design softwares inbuilt FTP Client. Free standalone FTP clients that you can use, can be found by clicking here. Full information on how to upload your website to the server can be found by clicking here. cPanel plans do also have an inbuilt FTP program inside the cPanel control panel, although using a proper FTP client is better. If you have got a web designer to build your website, they will upload your website for you.


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